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AMillionWatches Comparison – The New Tudor Pelagos V.S. Rolex Submariner

First glance at the New Tudor Pelagos you know for a fact this watch might look like something on the market, maybe a Rolex Submariner. After close hands-on examination you realize the differences and need to take a step back into reality. Recently at the BaselWorld 2012, Tudor (sibling brand of Rolex) announced & presented the all new Pelagos pictured below. Called the Pelagos, this is a new take on divers for the Rolex family and while it may look a bit like a Submariner, it’s arguably far more advanced than that.



Diagnosing the first look you see the Tudor Pelagos left behind all the Rolex bling with a sleek satin-finished titanium case and bracelet and exhilerating unique spring-loaded self-adjusting mechanism developed and patented by Tudor. This wrist watch also has a very unique bezel being made from ceramic.

We have never seen this before until now, to us the first luxury wrist watch to have a helium escape valve necessary to absorb unpredictable variations in pressure marked GAS ESCAPE VALVE on the side of the straight-edged case. Like if that is not cool enough you need to check out this wrist watch’s titanium bracelet with folding steel clasp, self-adjusting mechanism.

Tudor Pelagos Titanium Wrist Watch

Now lets talk about the world known Rolex Submariner, this watch is favored by many. The Rolex Submariner is one of the most popular luxury sport watches known in the world, specifically within the saltwater live of sailing, diving and fishing community. As a fashion watch enthusiasts who can appreciate the beautiful, simplicity and style of the Submariner, the classic Black dial with Oysterl band captures the eye. Now the famous combination of the Rolex Submariner is the two-tone Oysterl band with the gorgeous blueberry blue dial is a crowd favorite.

For more information about the first luxury wrist watch we talked about visit: http://www.tudorwatch.com/

For more information about the second luxury wrist watch we talked about please visit: http://www.rolex.com/en/rolex-watches/submariner

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