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How-To Clean and Maintain your Luxury Watch or Watches

As a busy human-being with a busy schedule, the first rule with the watch is to keep it as clean as possible. Like everything mechanical, moving parts in a machine require care and service and watches are no different. The average Luxury, Exotic, Modern, Vintage, Designer, Kid’s or Custom watch should be cleaned once every few months with a soft and completely dry cloth – leather or terry cloth preferred. Some of the top online watch brands make sure to inform the end consumer to maintain their watch by cleaning monthly if not daily. It is recommended to wipe down your watch whether it costs you $69 or $$$$$ because this helps eliminate any oils, sweat (or ocean salt) and dirt from the environment around you to accumulate. Simplicity idea – If a watch is not kept clean, constant watch repair will be required.


When washing your watch, please be careful of two things:

  1. Dropping the watch
  2. Inspecting the watch for water leaks, bent links or any loose components like screws

Now before working on your watch you need to determine what cleaning solution you will use and what steps need to be taken in order to clean a leather wrist watch versus a stainless steel wrist watch. Many cleaning products are in the market and swear they have the best solution possible but the ideal way of cleaning are as follows

Cleaning Watches with metal bands

  1. Buy or use a soft brush (toothbrush will work just fine)
  2. Dip the watch entirely into a warm soapy water bowl – NEVER submerge your watch
  3. Always keep the face/dial of the watch as dry as possible

Cleaning Watches with leather bands

  1. DO NOT ALLOW to get entirely wet
  2. Using a dry to mild wet toothbrush, brush over the case of the watch and any metal places to clean is perfect
  3. Dry immediately after cleaning your leather banded wrist watch

A good rule to follow is to avoid letting your watch come into contact with any makeup, lotion, Windex – ammonia based or any toxic power or liquids. Getting into contact with any of these substances can cause a major injury to your watch band or even the watch itself.

Also please remember to take off your watch before playing any sweaty sports or saltwater actions to prolong the cleaning durability you just performed. The best watches for these conditions would be wrist watch bands consisting of rubber like sports watches for example.

These tips will help keep your watch away from watch repairs and closer to an amazing brand new look every day.


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