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Watch embodying the idealized impressions and enthusiasm of the electoral – style of aviation professionals and juggling the local timings and fight timings with its simplified version and motion is – BREITLING 1962 STUNNING CO-PILOT WATCH. Beginning of this watch has been remembered as an indication of the style statement of aviation industry professionals, all just seeming to wear out Breitling brand.

Originality and stunning condition of this exotic watch has come up with one of the earlier series of the CO PILOT. This 1962 model, pretty much comfortable, slim case instead of the large formatting of 40mm, including the manual winding type of movement. 4 types of turn-apart (separate) displaying modes which makes the pilot and other professionals to be known to switch according to the stats of time.

Case material and steel material are made up of steel and leather, respectively.  Color of bracelet can be identified as brownish and a clasp buckle attached with it, making it a choice of finely tuned. Much like one of the passion and pledging medium for aviation professionals, this is the piece that has been made for all who are in search of exotic watches making this an eternal one to buy. I will be back with some more timeline inimitable watches.

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