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How to Spot a Fake Rolex – AMillionWatches Guide

With over 1000’s of wrist watch makers  out in the world, the most known luxury watch spoken about is the famous Rolex. The movement indicates the height of precision, self-winding Oyster movement which is completely engineered and manufactured only by Rolex. Now to the outside of this luxury wrist watch we start at the famous Ceramic Bezel which was designed with extremely hard ceramic material and corrosion-resistant properties to help protect from ultraviolet rays and practically scratch-proof bezel. Women-Rolex-Oyster-Wrist-Watch Now that I have convinced you with the above Women’s Rolex, one can tell this is a very prestigious wrist watch, let’s get into how you can spot a fake Rolex when purchasing through someone local or online. – Weight is the #1 issue when it comes to the fake Rolex being made of a lightweight Stainless and a real Rolex being made of 904L Stainless Steel and 18k karat Gold or Platinum (much heavier). – The movement of the second hand on a fake Rolex will be very jumpy, bouncy or jerky. A real Rolex incorporates and automatic movement that does over 28,000 vibrations per second. – Sapphire Crystal can not be replicated and Rolex has perfect there dial glass by using the best available. Fake Rolex wrist watches will use regular glass easily cracking against a corner of a desk or maybe if you drop a cell phone over the front of the watch. A Real Rolex wrist watch is tamed with the Sapphire Crystal perfection! -The back case of a fake Rolex might actually seem real because there will mostly likely be a sticker with the crown logo and some form of a number. Here is the catch. A true real Rolex wrist watch will come fresh from the factory with a 3-D holographic “Rolex” sticker and the serial number right below. The quality of the fake Rolex sticker and real Rolex sticker are very noticeable. fake-vs-real-rolex   More beautiful wrist watches from Rolex: Rolex-Yacht-Master-Gold-Watch-Luxury Rolex-Sky-Dweller-Silver-Watch rolex-submariner-black-gold-watch Rolex-Date-wristwatch

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