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Russian Orthodox Church Hides A $30,000 Breguet Classique Wrist Watch

$30,000 Watch Vanishes Up Church Leader’s Sleeve in this photo of Patriarch Kirill I. Someone must have been fired after this mistake of not properly Photoshop editing this ridiculously expensive wrist watch. The church might have gotten away with this trick if it had not failed to also erase the watch’s reflection which appeared in the photo on the highly glossed table where the patriarch was seated.


A similar online wrist watch Patriarch Kirill I was wearing looks like this:

Breguet Classique Alarm Yellow Gold Mens Watch

Breguet Classique Alarm Gold Mens Wrist Watch


Article can be found on the NYTimes website: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/06/world/europe/in-russia-a-watch-vanishes-up-orthodox-leaders-sleeve.html#commentsContainer