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The 5 Best Inexpensive Tide Watches for Fishermen

Why Would you even Need One?

Anyone who has fished a tidal estuary or salt marsh knows that the fish come and go with the tides. Catching fish in these places is all about being in the right place at the right time.

Heading offshore? Then you really need to know which way the tide is running. Getting stranded on a sand bar can be worse than just embarrassing!

Casio Men’s SPF40-1V Sea Pathfinder Tide Watch

This would be my number one choice for features. It is also great value at around $130 to buy online. It is a big watch and very easy to read. You will need to play around with it for a while before you learn all the useful information that it can deliver- but that is part of the fun!


Casio Men’s W753D-1AV

This is an inexpensive watch with some useful features. If you like classic stainless steel this could be the one for you.



Timex Men’s Compass Tide and Temperature Watch

Timex are well beyond the ‘cheap and not so reliable’ tag acquired a decade ago. The company is one of the biggest brands in watches and offer some quality and affordable products.



Rip Curl Men’s Oceansearch Yellow Tide Watch

This may not be the watch to wear if you are fishing in crystal clear waters. That yellow would alarm a shark.

On the other hand, yellow on a tanned arm can look great. Not every fisherman wears a camouflage vest!



Timex Men’s Expedition Tide, Temperature and Compass Watch

For pure style. this would be my first choice for a triple sensor watch. It has an indigo back-light which looks great and more importantly, makes it easy to read in any conditions.



For more information you can visit: http://willapse.hubpages.com/hub/tide-watch#


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