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Top 10 – Luxury Wrist Watches Inspired by the Automotive

#1) Limited Edition Porsche Design Indicator Watch

What can $270,000 buy you in the wrist watch industry? This very unique and luxury wrist watch made by Porsche with partnership Swiss watchmaker Eterna, is made with a mix of 18-carat Rose Gold, natural rubber and titanium. The strap of the watch was created with Porsche in mind because the quality rubber resembles Porsche tires in design. Really cool features of this luxury wrist watch include a timer, stopwatch and an indicator that shows when the watch runs low on power. Limited quantity brings this watch to only 50 pieces available for purchase.



#2) Bentley Supersports Light Body Limited Edition Wrist Watch

Finland’s four-time World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen + Benley Continental Supersports Convertible = 205.48mph record-breaking ‘Ice Speed Record’ on the perilous frozen Baltic Sea. This luxury wrist watch features a light body titanium casing and and the dashboard look of the Bentley Supersports model. The red taunting ring around the dial and inside the four mini dials brings out the details of this watch made for Bentley but produced by Breitling wrist watch maker. Only 1000 limited editions were available for purchase.




#3) Jaeger-LeCoultre Aston Martin AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder Wrist Watch

Unlock your Aston Martin DBS or Rapide with your modern wrist watch? That is correct Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin partnered up to create a watch unlike any other. Given the James Bond appearance, hidden inside this beautiful modern luxurious wrist watch holds a micro-transmitter that can lock, unlock, and locate your car. Now for the catch, you need to buy yourself an Aston Martin DBS or Rapide to have full advantage over this $25,000 wrist watch. This wrist watch also features a titanium case showcasing a grill motif and rhodium-plated numerals. Limited quantity available.



#4) Audi Limited Edition Centennial Timepiece Tachoscope Wrist Watch

After 100 years in operation, Audi wanted to celebrate by creating a limited edition timepiece wrist watch with its partner watchmaker Chornoswiss. Do not expect this Audi watch to be sold in large quantities as only 100 pieces on sale in the market. First glance shows a German tach like dial followed with a stopwatch like a race car. There are only two version available with a leather band, the Platinum version cost is $33,100 while the white Gold version cost is $20,000.



#5) Spyker Exclusive Wrist Watch

The Spyker Watches feature 18K grey or rose gold finishes, polished steel or matt black titanium finishes, and leather bracelets. The bezel also carries Spyker’s latin motto “Nulla Tenaci Invia Est Via” which stands for “For the tenacious, no road is impassable”. With the crown replicating the company’s wire-spoke and propeller hood badge, the push buttons resembling the Spyker exhaust pipes and the steel dial & guages replicating the car’s dashboard.



#6) Parmigiani Bugatti Tourbillon Wrist Watch

When Bugatti unvealed the 16C Galibier concept in September it was impossible not to have notice its luxurious interior. On the dashjboard you might have noticed a watch. And talking about Bugatti of course is not an ordinary one. It is made by Parmigiani who has a long history in making Bugatti watches (one of them, the Type 370 Bugatti watch got all the attention in 2004). So, what can you do with the Bugatti Tourbillon watch? Mount it in Galibier’s dashboard, attach to a wrist strap, function as a pocket watch, and also be docked in a desk clock unit.



#7) MARCH LA.B AM 1 Shelby Limited Edition Watch

This beautiful Shelby limited edition wrist watch is encased in a black chassis/case with a wood dial on the inside, replicating the original dashboard of the Shelby known as the EXP 500 Green. This name was given to one of the rarest Shelby automotive prototypes of all time. Sapphire crystals, Swiss quartz analog movement and genuine black leather perforated style strap with alien green leather lining brings together the exclusive look. A hit for every American muscle enthusiast!

MARCH-LA.BAM 1-Shelby-Limited-Edition-Watches


#8) Alfa Romeo GiulianoMazzuoliContagiri 8C Competizione Watch

Alfa Romeo has always been a prestigious automaker produces some of the most famous detailed autos available. Incorporating 29 jewels, this mechanism is composed of 131 individual parts. The caliber runs at the rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour and offers a 42-hour power reserve. The movement incorporates a main plate and bridges, graced with Cotes de Geneve finish.




#9) Hublot BIG BANG Aero Bang Moran Wrist Watch

This special edition Hublot wrist watch was designed and named after the famous automotive Morgan. The materials used for the case was nothing better then raw materials which include titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, and other materials needed to create the case were ceramics, kevlar and sapphire crystal.




#10) The UR-CC1 by Urwerk codenamed “King Cobra”

Inspired by a model of a linear watch made in 1958 by Louis Cottier for Patek Philippe (but remained a prototype and never produced), the result of more than three years of research, development, production and testing, the UR-CC1 displays two horizontal indications on two cylinders: one for the (jumping) hours, the other for the retrograde minutes.
A vertical triple-cam operating a toothed rack (visible through a window in the side of the case) rotates the minute cylinder. From zero to sixty minutes, the minute cylinder rotates through 300°. On arriving at the 60-minute mark the cylinder instantly (1/10th of a second) reverses back to its original position thanks to an extra-flat linear spring.